Religious Formation

SchlprogramsAs a Catholic school, the primary thrust of QAS is in the area of moral and religious formation – the building of the Christian community. Liturgical celebrations are a regular experience for each child through the leadership of the Pastor, parish priests, faculty, and parents. 

As students mature within the program, they are prepared for the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. Children are continually taught, by word and example, how to integrate Christian values into everyday life.

Early Childhool Program
Queen of All Saints School offers three year old and Junior Kindergarten developmental Early Childhood programs. Three year old children meet two half-day classes each week; Junior Kindergarten children meet three half-day classes each week.

The program consists of play and socialization skills with exposure to learning skills as children exhibit a readiness for such work. Emphasis is placed on the individual.

Queen of All Saints School offers both full-day and half-day Kindergarten programs.

The programs are both developmental and academic augmented by the children’s participating in religion classes, prayer experiences, physical education, art, music classes and computers - all offered in full-day Kindergarten programs.

Education Resource Teacher
The Education Resource Teacher assists the teacher in the classroom and works closely with the Principal.

Educational Resource Services
When a child is struggling to learn and/or consistently unsuccessful at school, parents and/or teachers may suspect a learning deficit exists. If hearing, speech, or vision screening does not reveal a problem, it may be advisable to professionally assess a child’s learning development. Teacher observations combined with a series of diagnostic testing are valuable in assessing learning development and deficits. Once a learning development issue is professionally identified, Queen of All Saints School may provide on-site educational support in reading and math. Individual and/or small group instruction to improve such skills as reading comprehension, fluency, expression, and phonics may be provided.

If diagnostic testing and recommendations indicate educational support programs beyond the spectrum of the Queen of All Saints educational program, then an alternative educational site will be recommended to meet a student’s special needs.

Extended Day Program
In response to the needs of two career or single parent families, Queen of All Saints School offers Extended Day Care to its students from 7 AM to 8 AM and from 3 PM to 6 PM. The Extended Day Program is staffed by QAS faculty members.

Fee and Policy Information
For fee information and program policies, please contact the school office at (773) 736-0567.


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